Middle School Projects

East / West Sylvan Middle School After School Art Club
These 24" x 24" Acrylic Paint exercises investigate the art of Georgia O'Keefe. Students concentrated on recreating gentle graduations of color as well as other powerful subtleties.

Jackson Middle School  7th Grade

Originating with a study of relationships of the Civil War, this Jackson Middle School project
grew into a deeper consideration of  more familiar relationships.

For this process students were introduced to the work of author Dave Eggers (Where the Wild Things Are -- novel and movie) and contemporary visual artist Frederick Brown, whose art dealt with religion, the urban fabric, American history, and music. 
These large black and white paintings (most of them 8'  x 4') were designed and painted
by teams of students.

The figures featured in the art are meant to personify characteristics of a particular relationship that the group found intriguing.

East / West Sylvan Middle School After School Art Club
This group collaboration is a study of Josef Albers' work as a Color Theorist. Students learned many vocabulary terms and concepts regarding color as well as color's effect on a composition and the emotional or sentimental impact of color in combinations.

Abernathy Elementary School
These kinetic sculptures are in deference to the great Alexander Calder. This lesson was about balance, learning how to use new tools and materials and learning the importance of an artist's practice of being patient, slowing down when things get frustrating, and making small adjustments to achieve your goal.

Student Self Portraits

Acrylic Paintings



Student Photography Composition

Animal Paintings

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